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Oversea’s mooncakes are made in a halal-certified facility. These mooncakes can also be purchased a la carte for gifting and sharing. This year’s mooncakes are themed ‘Crazy Rich Flavours,’ with opulent floral moulds in peacock-illustrated packages.

Top sellers include the Shanghai Mooncake with Single Yolk, Noble Delight with Single Yolk (comprising red dragon fruit), Royal Fairy with Single Yolk (osmanthus and red bean), Golden Starlight with Single Yolk (wild pandan with green bean) and Golden Emerald (wild pandan).

The mooncakes taste rich without being cloying, brilliantly balanced for enjoyment in every mouthful. Oversea Mooncake has long been established since 1986; hence you may expect their mooncake’s delicious and distinct taste. It comes with a wide variety of flavours such as Golden Emerald, Royal Fairy, Coconut and many more. Their mooncakes are Halal certified; Muslim friends can try them without worries. However, please note that their Supreme Ham and Nuts flavour is non-Halal.

As like many restaurants and hotel, Oversea restaurant which had been in the market around 30 years had launched out the mooncake for the Mid-Autumn Festival, a time for families to reunite under the full moon – a symbol of happiness and prosperity – and offer Mooncakes as gifts of appreciation. In Overseas restaurant, they not only sells mooncakes but they have a theme of new menu which is launch in conjuction with the mooncake festival too. Mooncakes are one of the key highlights of the Mid-Autumn festival. Other than being a food item, it is also symbolic as the roundness of the mooncake represents completeness, togetherness and harmony.

To start of, it is for sure to recommend their first mooncake in business which is the Shanghai Mooncake which is well made with the limited edition packaging (Only available 3000 copies). It is a creative production from the chef with uncompromised standard of baking, this unique flavor combines the superior quality of butter and fresh eggs, together with flour and sugar etc to make the golden skin of mooncake.

In addition to their delicious taste, Oversea’s mooncakes are also beautifully packaged. The company offers a range of packaging designs that are both elegant and eye-catching. Some of the packaging designs include gift boxes, tins, and even a mini suitcase, which makes the mooncakes a perfect gift for family and friends during the Mid-Autumn Festival. There is more to have in Overseas where you may choose a variety of the Traditional Moocake delights to have. This includes the Lotus Paste with Single Yolk, Golden Emerald, Supreme Nut with Ham, Noble Delights and even more. In addition to its most popular scrumptious Lotus Series Mooncake which is made from 100 per cent Hunan lotus seeds.

Along with its collection of signature Mooncakes, this year Oversea features the deliciously made Shanghai Mooncake made with luscious egg yolk and lotus. The hand-made Shanghai Mooncake was created in 1982 and is specially baked fresh in the kitchens of Oversea Restaurants. In fact, each of us had the chance to try our hands at making these unique Shanghai Mooncakes that evening. Best served warm so that its crumbly crust and fragrance can be fully appreciated. Oversea Golden Starlight with Single Yolk Mooncake is the first double-filled mooncake in Malaysia. Each mooncake is mixed with pandan paste, mung bean and salted egg yolk to make the taste and delicious flavor. Enjoy this wonderful mooncake with your family and friends!

Continuing on their mission to provide traditional flavours with the best of the best ingredients, Oversea offers one of the most varied mooncake sets. They have flavours like Coconut, Golden Emerald, and Noble Delight for people who want to be a bit more adventurous this Mid-Autumn Festival. Mooncakes are great to pair with either tea or wine, with specific kinds of teas and wines blending together better with specific types of mooncakes. For example, Lotus Seed mooncakes pair best with green tea, because the bitterness of the green tea counters the Lotus Seed’s sweetness.  

Besides the traditional mooncake, Overseas restaurant also offers snowy mooncake. The snowy mooncake is indeed perfectly madeand the mooncake can be usually frozen. The mooncake is served to us is simply frozen and it is recomended to enjoy them after 15 minutes where the mooncake had be defrost.

Overall, Oversea’s mooncakes are a must-try for anyone looking to indulge in traditional Chinese pastries. Oversea Mooncakes are specially packaged by exceptionally designed boxes to reflect its uniqueness and are certified “HALAL” by JAIS. The company’s commitment to using high-quality ingredients and traditional methods, as well as their innovative approach to flavors and packaging, have made them a favorite among consumers in Malaysia and beyond.

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