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A local Ipoh Restaurant, Ipoh Foh San not only serves delicious dim sum, but also sweet and tasty mooncakes, just in time for the Mid-Autumn Festival. They come in packs of two, four, and even eight; truly perfect for gifting to your friends and family or for your own personal consumption. 

Foh San began as a dim sum restaurant and is now known for both dim sum and mooncakes. The company has a wide selection of baked and non-baked halal mooncakes which can be packed in presentation box that fit two or four mooncakes. A premium box that packs four mooncakes.

Flavours include orange peel lotus paste, agarwood lotus paste, and moringa lotus paste, in addition to traditional flavours.

Mooncakes are one of the key highlights of the Mid-Autumn festival. Other than being a food item, it is also symbolic as the roundness of the mooncake represents completeness, togetherness and harmony.

Foh San Mooncake is vegetarian-friendly; hence it may be an excellent choice for you to send to your vegetarian friends as a gift. The variety of flavours such as green tea, lotus and more with nostalgic taste will surely linger in your taste buds. For purchases of 2 pieces of mooncake and above, Foh San will provide a beautiful metal gift box featuring “Nostalgic 1970’s Ipoh” artwork and a cloth bag!

Foh San is a dim sum restaurant that was established in 1971, and has since become one of the most famous restaurants in Ipoh, Malaysia. Foh San is primarily known for producing delicious dim sum and mooncakes, with its mooncakes becoming one of the most popular traditional pastries in Malaysia and throughout Asia.

Foh San’s mooncakes are made with the freshest and highest quality ingredients, and its traditional methods and innovative flavors are well-loved by consumers. The mooncakes come in various flavors, including lotus seed paste, red bean paste, date paste, and five kernel, among others.

The restaurant’s most popular mooncake is the lotus seed paste mooncake. This pastry is made with lotus seed paste filling, which is then wrapped in a thin, tender crust. It is rich, fragrant, and not too sweet, making it the perfect treat for those who prefer a milder taste. Another popular choice is the red bean paste mooncake, which is made with a smooth and creamy red bean paste filling that is wrapped in a flaky crust. This mooncake is slightly sweeter than the lotus seed paste mooncake, but still has a balanced and delightful taste.

Foh San has been around since 1973, so they know a thing or two about making traditional mooncakes. Whether you’re sharing with your loved ones or enjoying it all for yourself, get Foh San’s famous lotus paste flavours such as white lotus, durian and green tea mooncakes. Craving for something chocolate-y? Allow us to drop a few names to try: chocolate lotus paste mooncake with walnuts and cappuccino mooncakes ?

Halal status: Do note that only food products under Biskut Foh San are halal-certified by Jakim. Products and premises under Foh San Food Industries are not halal-certified

Overall, Foh San’s mooncakes are a must-try for anyone visiting Ipoh or looking to indulge in traditional Chinese pastries. The restaurant’s commitment to using only the best ingredients and traditional methods, as well as its innovative approach to flavors and designs, have made it a favorite among locals and tourists alike.

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