Best Dried Meat Bakkwa in Malaysia: Loong Kee Dried Meat, Try It You’ll Love It!

Bakkwa, or “rougan” in Hokkien, translating to “dried meat,” is a delectable salty-sweet pork jerky that holds a special place as a Chinese snack.

With its savory, sweet, and addictive flavors, bak kwa, also known as “dried meat” or “Chinese pork jerky,” is an irresistible treat enjoyed throughout the year. Despite its above-average prices, bak kwa is often considered a luxury food, typically reserved for special occasions, with the Chinese New Year season being a notable highlight.

The unique taste and texture of bak kwa make it a sought-after delicacy. Its preparation involves marinating the meat in a flavorful blend of spices, sugar, and soy sauce before air-drying or grilling to perfection. This meticulous process results in a chewy yet tender jerky that boasts a harmonious combination of sweet and savory notes.

While bak kwa is a delightful year-round indulgence, its popularity peaks during festive seasons, particularly during Chinese New Year celebrations. Families often exchange these flavorful treats as a symbol of good luck, prosperity, and well-wishing for the coming year.

Loong Kee Dried Meat Sdn. Bhd. has been a name in the food manufacturing business for over 48 years. Famous for festive favourites such as dried meat (barbecued meat), meat floss, meat fluff, mooncakes as well as feel-good all-year- round treats such as cookies and pastries.

A best seller since 1976, Loong Kee core products enjoys tremendous good response from patrons especially during festive occasions where these delicious delicacies make the perfect home-visiting gift. Patrons also find the rich and exquisite flavours of Loong Kee’s products a great accompaniment to meals as well as a tasty snack to satisfy the palate.

An active participant of food fairs, food exhibitions and festive events, Loong Kee has successfully established a name to reckon with in the dried meat industry throughout the years. Today, the brand boasts 20 outlets nation-wide in Malaysia with well over 500 exhibit counters widely spread across the country to cater to consumer needs during festive seasons.


Loong Kee Dried Meat Sdn. Bhd. is well known among the Chinese community in Malaysia as a market leader in the dried meat industry. During festive seasons, Loong Kee is active in promoting Chinese celebratory moods by advertising in major newspapers, radio etc. The jingle of the company is well known and has been warmly embraced by customers and Malaysians alike (Loong Kee Dried Meat, Try It You’ll Love It!).

Loong Kee Dried Meat

Loong Kee is one of Malaysia’s most well-known bakkwa brands. Their bakkwa is made using a blend of high-quality meat and their own special herbs and spices. They also produce a variety types of bakkwa, including minced pork, sliced pork, bacon, pork floss, and more. You can get them either fresh or vacuum-packed.

Famous for festive favourites such as dried meat (barbecued meat), meat floss, meat fluff, mooncakes as well as feel-good all-year- round treats such as cookies and pastries.

Loong Kee remains one of the most recognisable brands in the bak kwa business. Their bak kwa regardless of pork or chicken are all made using the combination of high-quality meat and Loong Kee’s very own secret spices.

Try their Loong Kee’s Mini Vacuum Packed Dried Meat, it is a bite-size snack, you can enjoy it anytime, anywhere! Comes in 4 flavours — Original Pork Dried Meat, Original Chicken Dried Meat, Chili Pork Dried Meat, and Black Pepper Pork Dried Meat.

48th Anniversary Limited-Edition CNY Gift Box

Celebrate the beginning of the new year with Dragon Delights Jerky as they mark their remarkable 48th anniversary. Indulge in the exquisite limited edition Dragon Delights Jerky New Year Prosperity Gift Box, a delectable feast that promises to captivate the taste buds and bring a touch of festive joy. Join us in savoring the perfect blend of tradition and innovation, crafted with premium ingredients and Dragon Delights Jerky’s time-honored expertise. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience this unique culinary celebration and usher in the new year with a special touch of flavor and tradition.

A Crafty Guide to Shopping for Your RM50 Christmas Gift Exchange in Malaysia

The holiday season is just around the corner, and it’s time to spread some joy with your colleagues through a fun and affordable Christmas gift exchange. With a budget of RM50, you might wonder how to find the perfect gift without overspending. Fret not; in this guide, we’ll show you how to get creative and make the most of your RM50 budget while finding the perfect gift for your company’s Christmas gift exchange in Malaysia.

1. Set a Game Plan:

Before you start shopping, it’s essential to have a clear plan in mind. Consider the following:

  • Know Your Recipient: Find out who you’ll be buying a gift for. Their preferences, hobbies, and interests can help you select a thoughtful gift.

  • Gift Exchange Rules: Understand the rules of your gift exchange. Are there any specific themes or restrictions?

2. Look for Local Treasures:

Malaysia offers a wide array of unique and affordable gifts. Here are some ideas:

  • Traditional Snacks: Malaysian snacks, like kuih, spicy keropok, or a basket of tropical fruits, can make for a tasty and memorable gift.

  • Handcrafted Souvenirs: Explore local markets and shops for handcrafted items like batik fabrics, traditional wooden carvings, or Malaysian-themed home décor.

3. Get Creative and Personal:

With a RM50 budget, personalized gifts can be a fantastic choice. Consider these options:

  • Customized Mugs: Have a mug printed with a funny quote or a memorable work-related joke.

  • Photo Gifts: Create a photo album, custom calendar, or a framed picture to commemorate a special moment with your coworker.

4. Practical Gifts:

Sometimes, the best gifts are the ones people can use every day. Consider:

  • Stationery Sets: High-quality pens, notebooks, or office organizers are practical and appreciated gifts.

  • Tech Accessories: Think phone holders, USB chargers, or stylish laptop sleeves.

5. Gift Cards:

A RM50 gift card to a popular local store or an online marketplace can provide the recipient with the freedom to choose a gift they truly desire.

6. Creative Wrapping:

To make your gift even more special, put some effort into the presentation:

  • DIY Gift Wrap: Create your own wrapping paper by decorating plain paper with festive drawings or stamps.

  • Holiday-Themed Boxes: Find a holiday-themed box or tin to place your gift inside. This adds a touch of flair to your present.

7. Shopping Online:

If you’re short on time, consider shopping online. Malaysia has various e-commerce platforms where you can find unique and affordable gifts. Just be sure to check shipping times to ensure your gift arrives on time for the exchange.

8. Keep an Eye on Sales and Promotions:

Around the holiday season, many stores offer discounts and promotions. Keep an eye out for special deals that can help you stay within your RM50 budget.

9. Re-Gifting:

If you have a brand-new, unopened item at home that you believe your recipient will appreciate, consider re-gifting it. Just make sure it’s suitable and won’t offend anyone.

10. Stay Thoughtful:

Remember, the thought and effort you put into the gift matter more than the price tag. A thoughtful, well-chosen gift, no matter how small, can leave a lasting impression.

It’s that time of the year again. With holidays around the corner, your workplace will likely engage everyone in a Secret Santa or other gift-giving activities where you and your co-workers will be assigned someone to give gifts to within a particular budget.

Perhaps you would simply like to thank your colleagues for a wonderful year of working together, and giving gifts is your way of showing gratitude. But when you are sticking to a particular budget, where do you even begin? Fortunately, there are several items of choice you can gift your colleagues that do not have to cost a lot or put a dent in your savings.

How to participate in gift-giving with your colleagues

Do you find the entire exchange of giving gifts to your co-workers a little corny? Even if that may be the case, providing your colleagues with presents, even little ones, is a thoughtful way to create and strengthen ties at work. This is especially important in the workplace as rapport helps you accomplish tasks more effectively at work, especially if you would have to rely on them to get things done.

That said, there are some unwritten rules about giving gifts to your co-workers, which can be different from how you would give gifts to others, such as friends or family members. Here are some of them.


1. Stick to a budget.

This normally should not be a problem as it is common practice for workplaces to explicitly set a budget so that everyone can join in the fun without having to worry about spending too much. But in the event that your office has failed to set a price ceiling for holiday gift-giving, it is generally a good rule to stay within a particular budget. Base it on last year’s tradition: How much were the usual gifts worth? Aim for a similar amount that your colleagues will be spending.

If you are new to the company, then it is not a bad idea to ask around if they had a set budget for the previous year. Try to aim to spend around a particular range. Too low, and people would think that you’re a cheapskate. If you spend too high, then it could be misinterpreted as flattery, especially if you’re trying to gift a manager or a supervisor.


2. Be thoughtful but not too personal.

It is generally a good idea to be thoughtful about choosing a gift for your colleague, especially if you were specifically assigned to someone. Try picking something close to that colleague’s interest. Is that colleague into food? Then choose a food item they will likely enjoy. Do they like painting? A brush set would be an appropriate and well-appreciated present.

That said, it’s important to balance between the thoughtful and too personal. Be sure not to go over the line, even if you think you mean well. Save for scarves, hats, and sunglasses, try avoiding giving clothing items as much as you can — this can either be seen as being cheap or presumptuous, as clothing can get too personal. Avoid giving underwear at all costs.


3. Be fair to everyone.

If you plan on giving gifts to people outside of your Secret Santa exchange, then it is best to be fair to everyone in order to avoid miscommunication at work. Refrain from only choosing who to give to in a team; don’t give gifts only to your favourite manager if you work with more than one. If you must give gifts, give small gifts to everyone.


4. Avoid generic gifts.

Even if you’re not feeling the spirit of the holidays, this is not an excuse for you to translate this into your gifts for your co-workers. As much as you can, avoid generic and overdone presents such as picture frames, alarm clocks, or a calendar.

Ready to choose a gift for your colleague? Here are some fun, interesting, helpful, and affordable gift ideas based on your budget.

Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Different People in Malaysia

Let’s explore some specific gift ideas for different categories of recipients in Malaysia:

Christmas Gifts for Kids

When it comes to kids, there’s nothing better than gifts that combine fun and learning. Educational toys engage their minds and promote cognitive development. Lego sets unleash their creativity and problem-solving skills, while board games encourage social interaction and critical thinking. These gifts provide endless hours of entertainment while nurturing their growth and creativity.

Christmas Gifts for Women

Show the women in your life how much they mean to you with thoughtful gifts. Personalized jewelry adds a personal touch and serves as a lasting reminder of your love and appreciation. Spa gift sets offer a luxurious and pampering experience, allowing them to relax and indulge in self-care. For those who appreciate style, designer handbags make a fashion statement while providing functionality and elegance.

Christmas Gifts for Men

Men deserve gifts that match their interests and passions. Tech gadgets like the latest smartphones or smartwatches cater to their love for technology. Watches are timeless accessories that make a sophisticated and practical gift. Consider personalized gifts like engraved wallets or cufflinks, which add a sentimental touch and showcase your thoughtfulness.

Christmas Gifts for Pet Lovers

Pet owners adore gifts that celebrate their furry friends. Customized pet portraits capture the essence of their beloved pets and create cherished memories. Pet clothing keeps their furry companions stylish and cozy, while personalized collars add a touch of uniqueness. These gifts are sure to bring a smile to the faces of pet lovers and their adorable companions.

Christmas Gifts for Foodies

For those who appreciate culinary delights, gifts related to food are always a hit. Cooking tools, such as high-quality knives or kitchen gadgets, enhance their cooking experience and elevate their skills. Gourmet hampers filled with artisanal treats, fine wines, and gourmet ingredients make for a delightful gastronomic adventure. Chocolate gift boxes filled with delectable treats are perfect for satisfying their sweet tooth and indulging in pure bliss.

Christmas Gifts for Homebodies

Create a cozy and inviting atmosphere for homebodies with thoughtful gifts. Candles in soothing scents add a touch of relaxation and ambiance to their living spaces. Cushions with soft fabrics and stylish designs provide comfort and aesthetic appeal. Cozy blankets offer warmth and coziness during chilly nights, making their home a haven of comfort and relaxation.

Christmas Gifts for Techies

Tech enthusiasts are always on the lookout for the latest gadgets and innovations. Smart home devices, such as voice-controlled assistants or smart lighting systems, bring convenience and connectivity to their living spaces. Wireless headphones offer a premium audio experience, while the latest gaming accessories enhance their gaming adventures. These gifts cater to their tech-savvy nature and keep them on the cutting edge of technology.

Christmas Gifts for Adventure Lovers

If you know someone with a thirst for adventure, consider gifts that complement their passion. Outdoor gear like hiking equipment, camping essentials, or travel accessories are practical gifts that enhance their outdoor experiences. Adventure vouchers for activities like bungee jumping, skydiving, or ziplining provide thrilling and unforgettable moments. These gifts inspire their adventurous spirit and create lifelong memories.

In conclusion, finding the perfect RM50 Christmas gift for your company’s gift exchange in Malaysia is not as challenging as it might seem. With a little creativity and thoughtfulness, you can ensure that your gift will be appreciated and cherished by the recipient. So, get out there, explore the local markets, or hop online to discover the perfect present that will spread joy and holiday cheer among your colleagues. Happy gifting!

【Must-See Malaysian Souvenirs】Perfect Souvenirs for Every Occasion: A Comprehensive Guide

Gifts are a ceremonial and meaningful gesture, and with the development of society and the improvement of living standards, their application has become increasingly widespread. Souvenirs can be used in various occasions such as weddings, baby showers, festivals, banquets, business events, and grand openings.

In weddings, souvenirs are often given as guest favors, wedding candies, and gifts for bridesmaids and groomsmen, expressing gratitude to friends and family. In baby showers, souvenirs are commonly presented as return gifts for events like the full moon banquet, hundredth-day banquet, first birthday celebration, and graduation, blessing the baby’s growth and well-being. During festivals, souvenirs can be chosen as birthday gifts, Mother’s Day presents, Women’s Day gifts, Dragon Boat Festival treats, Mid-Autumn Festival surprises, Valentine’s Day tokens, and more.

During banquets and formal occasions, souvenirs are often used as return gifts for events like birthday banquets, graduation celebrations, and housewarming parties. In business settings, souvenirs can be given as gifts to employees and clients during annual meetings, anniversaries, and welfare activities, enhancing the company’s image and employee satisfaction. For grand openings, souvenirs can be offered as gifts in industries such as beauty salons, fitness centers, and educational institutions, promoting the brand and expanding the customer base.

What occasions are suitable for souvenirs?

With the improvement of living standards and the emphasis on ceremonial gestures, souvenirs have become a necessary item for various occasions. They are not only used to express gratitude at weddings and as gifts for bridesmaids and groomsmen, but they have also found applications in different fields. So, which occasions are suitable for souvenirs?

  1. Weddings: Wedding candies, guest favors, bridesmaids’ and groomsmen’s gifts.
  2. Baby celebrations: Full moon banquet, hundredth-day banquet, first birthday celebration, graduation, Children’s Day.
  3. Festivals: Birthday gifts, Mother’s Day, International Women’s Day, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, Valentine’s Day, and more.
  4. Banquets: Birthday banquets, graduation celebrations, housewarming parties.
  5. Business gifts: Annual meetings, anniversaries, employee welfare.
  6. Grand openings: Beauty salons, fitness centers, educational institutions, and other industries.
  7. Corporate appreciation: Banks, insurance companies, employee benefits.

1.Wedding Occasions

Weddings are one of the most common occasions for souvenir gifting. On the wedding day, the bride and groom distribute wedding candies, guest favors, and gifts for bridesmaids and groomsmen. When selecting souvenirs for family and friends, it’s important to consider the preferences and needs of the couple. Generally, wedding souvenirs can be categorized as follows:

Wedding Candies
Wedding candies are among the most popular souvenirs at weddings. They are usually small bags or boxes of candies, symbolizing the couple’s gratitude and blessings for their guests. When choosing wedding candies, it’s important to consider the couple’s personalities and the wedding theme, as well as the taste and packaging design of the candies.

Guest Favors
Guest favors are gifts that the couple gives to their wedding guests. They are usually distributed on the wedding day. When selecting guest favors, it’s important to consider their practicality and aesthetic appeal, as well as the gender, age, and profession of the guests.

Bridesmaids’ and Groomsmen’s Gifts
Bridesmaids’ and groomsmen’s gifts are presents that the couple gives to their bridal party to express their gratitude and appreciation. When choosing these gifts, it’s important to consider the personalities and interests of the bridesmaids and groomsmen, as well as the practicality and aesthetic appeal of the gifts.

2.Baby Celebrations

Baby celebrations, such as the full moon banquet, hundredth-day banquet, and first birthday celebration, are traditional customs in Chinese culture. These events are held to bless the child’s healthy growth. During these occasions, souvenirs are typically given to guests and the child, such as baby items and toys.
Traditionally, Chinese people attach great importance to the joyous occasions surrounding newborns in the family. Therefore, for important milestones like the hundredth day, full moon, and first birthday, a baby celebration is organized to invite family and friends to bless the child. In addition to serving delicious food and drinks at the celebration, it is also common to prepare small gifts as tokens of gratitude for the guests.

For guests, presenting a carefully selected souvenir not only expresses blessings and gratitude to the hosts but also signifies thoughtfulness and serves as a memento. Souvenirs for baby celebrations often revolve around the child, such as small toys, plush toys, clothing, and accessories. These small gifts can be used to decorate the baby’s room or serve as keepsakes of the child’s growth, bringing smiles to both the child and the guests.

Furthermore, besides baby celebrations, other occasions like the child’s birthdays and graduation ceremonies are also opportune moments for gift-giving. During these events, suitable gifts such as age-appropriate books, toys, and educational supplies can be chosen to express blessings and support for the child’s journey of growth.

3.Season Gifts

Souvenirs are an important way to express sentiments during various holidays. Whether it’s a birthday, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, or any other holiday, people can convey their emotions and care by giving a souvenir. Here are some common holiday souvenirs and recommended gifts.

Birthday Gifts
Birthdays are special occasions for everyone, and giving a thoughtful souvenir can make the birthday person feel extra warm and happy. For friends or family members’ birthdays, some suitable souvenirs include custom cakes, birthday balloons, gift boxes, personalized birthday cards, stationery, and more.

Mother’s Day Gifts
Mothers are one of the most important people in our lives, and it’s essential to give a special souvenir to express gratitude and respect for them on Mother’s Day. The choice of Mother’s Day gifts can be based on her interests and hobbies, such as beauty, health, or reading. Some common Mother’s Day souvenirs include bouquets, skincare products, jewelry, watches, perfumes, scarves, and more.

Father’s Day Gifts
Father’s Day is the time to express appreciation for fathers, and giving a suitable souvenir will make them feel cherished. Gifts can be related to their beloved hobbies, such as outdoor sports, gourmet experiences, or collections. Some common Father’s Day souvenirs include wallets, ties, watches, sunglasses, pipes, grilling machines, and more.

Valentine’s Day Gifts
Valentine’s Day is a special day to express love and romance, and giving a special souvenir is a great way to deepen the bond. Gifts can be based on shared interests or needs, such as a romantic dinner, a bouquet of flowers, a heart-shaped piece of jewelry, or a DIY handmade gift.

Souvenirs are not only gifts for special occasions but also a way to express emotions. Whether it’s a birthday, holiday, graduation, wedding, or any significant moment in life, giving a carefully selected souvenir can make people feel your care and affection.


A banquet is a special occasion that includes events such as birthday banquets, anniversary banquets, graduation banquets, housewarming banquets, and more. During these gatherings, guests come together to enjoy delicious food and share happiness. As a host, it is customary and respectful to prepare party favors for the guests.

During a birthday banquet, it is common to prepare small gifts as party favors, such as exquisite cakes, fruit baskets, candy boxes, small toys, and more. These gifts not only express gratitude and blessings from the host but also create a warm and joyful atmosphere for the guests.

For anniversary banquets, party favors are often more delicate and meaningful. Traditionally, items like longevity peaches, longevity noodles, and auspicious clothing can be prepared, symbolizing longevity and good health. Additionally, modern party favors can be considered, such as customized mementos, personalized candy gift boxes, exquisite flowers, and more.

A graduation banquet is a celebration of a child’s growth and achievements. On this special day, parents and relatives prepare gifts and party favors for the child. These gifts are usually chosen based on the child’s preferences and interests, such as books, stationery, toys, and more. Furthermore, meaningful and commemorative gifts can also be considered, such as customized learning supplies or precious artifacts.

A housewarming banquet is the first gathering after moving into a new home, and it is usually a celebration with family and friends. For this occasion, party favors can include practical household items like vases, bedding, decorations, and more. If you wish to gift something more personalized and memorable, you can choose customized home decor items like paintings or customized tableware.

In these occasions, you can prepare small and exquisite party favors for your guests, such as beautiful candy boxes, handmade soaps, scented candles, and more. These gifts not only express your gratitude and respect but also show your thoughtfulness and enthusiasm to your guests.

5.Business Gifts

Business gifts are a special type of gift commonly used in corporate events such as annual meetings, anniversaries, employee benefits, and more. In these occasions, you can prepare upscale gifts such as cardholders, pens, watches, and more to make your clients and employees feel valued and cared for, thus enhancing the company’s image and reputation.

In corporate events like annual meetings and anniversaries, business gifts are often used to recognize employees’ efforts and achievements, as well as to strengthen team cohesion and morale. Some common business gifts include cardholders, pens, watches, tea sets, and more. These gifts are typically high-end and exquisite, showcasing the company’s brand image and cultural heritage.

In employee benefits programs, business gifts are often used to express the company’s care and concern for its employees, thereby enhancing their sense of belonging and loyalty. Some common business gifts include insulated cups, electric toothbrushes, power banks, and more. These gifts are usually practical, portable, and fashionable, meeting employees’ daily needs and improving their quality of life.

Regardless of the business occasion, the selection and presentation of gifts should take into account cultural backgrounds, occasion characteristics, the preferences and needs of the recipients, and other factors. When choosing gifts, you can consider creative and personalized options, such as customized cultural shirts, unique handicrafts, and more. This way, you can highlight your company’s distinctive features and cultural heritage.

Of course, you can also choose different types of business gifts based on the occasion and purpose. For example, if your clients or employees are gym members, you can consider gifting fitness equipment or workout attire, which not only shows your care and thoughtfulness but also promotes their health and well-being.

6.Grand Opening Gifts

Grand opening gifts are a special type of gift commonly used in industries such as beauty, fitness, education, and more. In these occasions, you can prepare special gifts for your clients and employees, such as beauty products, fitness equipment, learning materials, and more. These gifts not only bring practical benefits to your clients and employees but also make them feel your thoughtfulness and care, thereby promoting business growth and customer loyalty.

7.Corporate Appreciation Gifts

In addition to the occasions mentioned above, various companies also show appreciation to their clients and employees through appreciation gifts. For example, banks and insurance companies often send gifts to clients on their birthdays, holidays, and other specific periods, such as cards, discount vouchers, gift cards, and more, to express their gratitude and care.

Financial institutions such as banks and insurance companies enhance customer trust and loyalty by giving appreciation gifts, which also serve as a promotional and marketing strategy. These appreciation gifts are often related to financial products or services. For example, insurance companies may provide gifts such as insurance coverage or premium discounts when clients renew their policies, while banks may offer rewards or incentives to customers for using credit cards or other financial services.

Moreover, some technology companies and internet enterprises also like to use appreciation gifts to show their gratitude and care to users. For example, Apple sends gifts such as phone cases, power adapters, and more during their annual product launches to thank users for their support and loyalty. Internet companies offer appreciation gifts through methods like lotteries, point redemption, etc., such as coupons, electronic products, and more, to motivate users to use their products and services.

Appreciation gifts are a way for businesses to interact with their clients and employees, enhancing their relationship, improving customer satisfaction and loyalty, while also serving as an effective marketing strategy.

These occasions have different demands and characteristics, requiring tailored designs for souvenirs. For those interested in entering the souvenir industry, it is important to choose a suitable product line based on market demand and personal strengths. Continuously innovating and improving product quality and service levels will help capture market share. Additionally, strengthening communication and interaction with customers, understanding their needs and feedback, is crucial to maintaining market competitiveness.

How Small Gifts Can Make a Big Impact on Your Business: The Secret Weapon of Birthday Gift Delivery Service

What are good gift ideas? How to give gifts in a thoughtful way? can help. As an online gifting platform in Malaysia, offers a selection of the best gifts and presents for you to choose from for your family and friends, be it for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, or any other occasions.

As a gift house, Giftmores understands the importance of maintaining customer loyalty and engagement in the fiercely competitive modern market. Therefore, Giftmores has launched a “customer birthday gift delivery” service, which involves monthly ordering of low-budget birthday gifts to be mailed to customers whose birthdays fall in that month as a way of expressing gratitude and staying connected with them. This service helps entrepreneurs improve customer experience, strengthen customer relationships, and save time and resources.

Why is monthly ordering of small birthday gifts a secret weapon for maintaining customer loyalty and engagement?

1.Enhancing customer relationships: By sending out birthday gifts regularly, you can strengthen the relationship with your customers. They will feel your care and appreciation and are more likely to remain loyal to your brand.

2.Improving customer satisfaction: Customers will be happy and surprised when they receive gifts, which will increase their satisfaction and leave a deeper impression of your brand.

3.Increasing customer word-of-mouth: Your customers are likely to share the gift they receive with their friends and family, which will help increase your customer base.

4.Saving time and resources: You do not need to individually select gifts and mail them to each customer as we will take care of these things for you.

If you are an entrepreneur in the insurance, direct sales, or e-commerce industry, this service will be a great help to your business. Regularly sending out small gifts not only strengthens customer relationships but also improves customer satisfaction and word-of-mouth. This service also helps you save time and resources, allowing you to focus more on developing your business.

To become a top salesperson, you need to have various skills and qualities, including:

1.In-depth understanding of products or services: A great salesperson must have a thorough understanding of the product or service they are selling so that they can answer customers’ questions and provide professional advice.

2.Excellent communication skills: Salespeople need to establish good relationships with customers and effectively convey information to successfully close a sale.

3.Proactive working attitude: Top salespeople must be enthusiastic and motivated, able to self-motivate and provide high-quality service to customers.

4.Customer focus and loyalty: Salespeople need to understand customers’ needs and ensure that they have the best experience. Providing personalized service can increase customer loyalty and engagement.

Maintaining Customer Loyalty: The Secret Weapon of Birthday Gift Delivery Service

The practice of top Malaysian salespeople sending small birthday gifts can increase customer loyalty and engagement as it shows concern and attention to customers. Birthday gifts are a personalized way to connect with customers and convey gratitude and blessings on their special day.

This practice also helps salespeople stay in touch with customers. Customers who feel cared for are more likely to establish a long-term relationship with the salesperson and recommend other customers to them. In this way, salespeople can increase sales by improving customer loyalty and engagement and enhancing customer satisfaction.

If you are interested in the “customer birthday gift delivery” service, you can contact Giftmores for more details.

The Importance of Corporate Gifts in Malaysia: How to Create an Effective Gift Plan

In Malaysia, corporate gifts are an essential part of business etiquette. They are given as a token of appreciation to clients, employees, and partners for their contribution to the company’s success. Corporate gifts are not only a way to build relationships but also a powerful marketing tool that can help businesses increase their brand awareness and customer loyalty. In this blog post, we will explore the importance of corporate gifts in Malaysia and how to create an effective gift plan.

Why are Corporate Gifts Important?

  1. Strengthen Business Relationships

Corporate gifts are a way to show appreciation and gratitude towards your business partners, clients, and employees. When you give a gift, you make a lasting impression and show that you value the relationship. This can help to build trust and strengthen the relationship between the two parties.

  1. Increase Brand Awareness

Corporate gifts can also be used as a marketing tool to increase brand awareness. When you give a gift with your company’s logo or branding, it serves as a constant reminder of your business. This can help to increase brand recognition and exposure, especially if the recipient uses the gift in their daily life.

  1. Improve Employee Morale

Corporate gifts can also be given to employees to show appreciation for their hard work and dedication. This can help to boost employee morale and motivation, which can lead to increased productivity and a better working environment.

Creating an Effective Corporate Gift Plan

  1. Identify Your Objectives

Before you start choosing gifts, it’s essential to identify your objectives. What do you want to achieve with your gift-giving? Is it to strengthen relationships, increase brand awareness, or improve employee morale? Once you have a clear objective, you can choose gifts that align with your goals.

  1. Know Your Recipients

It’s essential to know your recipients and what they would appreciate. Consider their age, gender, interests, and cultural background when selecting gifts. You can also consider their position in the company and the occasion or event when selecting gifts.

  1. Choose Quality Gifts

When selecting gifts, choose high-quality items that are both practical and memorable. Avoid cheap, generic gifts that may not make an impression. The gift should also reflect your brand and be relevant to the recipient.

  1. Personalize Your Gifts

Personalizing your gifts can make them more meaningful and memorable. You can add a personal touch by adding the recipient’s name, initials, or a personalized message.

Therefore, corporate gifts are an essential part of business etiquette in Malaysia. They are a way to show appreciation and build relationships with clients, employees, and partners. Corporate gifts can also be a powerful marketing tool that can increase brand awareness and customer loyalty. By following these tips, you can create an effective gift plan that aligns with your business goals and strengthens your relationships with your stakeholders.

Are you looking for ways to show appreciation to your employees or clients in Malaysia? Corporate gifts are a great way to do just that. Not only do they show that you value their hard work and dedication, but they also help to strengthen your business relationships. In this blog post, we’ll explore 10 corporate gift ideas that are perfect for Malaysian companies.

  1. Flexible Gifting Options: Offering employees a flexible gift option is a great way to show that you care. This could be in the form of a gift card that can be used at multiple retailers, or a subscription service that allows employees to choose from a variety of options.

  2. Sending a Gift Box: A gift box is a present that keeps on giving. Consider sending your colleagues, customers, or anyone else you choose a corporate gift box that includes a variety of items.

  3. Gift Cards: The Mystical Power of the Gift: Gift cards are a safe and easy option for corporate gifts. Employees can use them to buy anything they want, and you can purchase them in bulk to save money.

  4. Complimentary Accessories: Accessory sets are a great gift option for employees who have to dress formally for work. Consider items like ties, pocket squares, cufflinks, and wallets for men, and clutches and purses for women.

  5. Eco-Friendly Bags for Every Occasion: Eco-friendly bags are a great gift option for employees who are environmentally conscious. Consider totes that include reusable straws, stainless steel water bottles, and post-consumer waste notebooks.

  6. Get a ‘Wow!’ Moment: Experience gift cards are a great way to surprise your colleagues. Consider options like luxury hotel stays, special dinner vouchers, catered lunches at the workplace, and spa treatments.

  7. The Best Office Supplies: Employees spend a lot of time at work, so providing them with high-quality office supplies is a great gift option. Consider items like digital organisers, custom-engraved metal pens, and professional stationery.

  8. Essentials for the Table: Consider gifts like writing journals, bespoke stainless steel water bottles, picture frames, portable phone chargers, Bluetooth speakers, laptop bags, and file carriers.

  9. The Best Gifts for the Environment: For employees who are passionate about the environment, eco-friendly gifts are a great option. Consider items like reusable shopping bags, bamboo utensils, and post-consumer waste notebooks.

  10. Electronics on the Go: Electronic gadgets are a popular gift option for the modern worker. Consider items like smartwatches, fitness trackers, and Bluetooth speakers.


In conclusion, corporate gifts are a great way to show appreciation to employees and clients in Malaysia. When creating a gift plan, it’s important to consider the preferences and interests of your recipients. Make sure to have a gift management policy in place to ensure that gifts are delivered on time and in a professional manner. With these 10 corporate gift ideas, you’re sure to find the perfect gift for any occasion.

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